Get Missoni’s Crescent Moon Brows


We live and die by the mantra brows can never be too bushy. It’s not that we’re too lazy to tweeze (can someone invent a unibrow be gone pill already?), but theres just something about thick Brooke Shields brows that makes any look seem high fashion. At this point, no one’s a stranger to thick brows, and we have Cara Delevigne to thank for that one. But did you ever think of drawing your brows past your temples?! The makeup experts at Missoni did. How can you get like them? Forego tweezing, but don’t skimp on unibrow maintenance. Also, use a pencil to draw a thick line a few shades darker than your hair in the middle of your brow. Then just like magic, you will have achieved “crescent moon eyebrows” a la Milan fashion week.

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