Bushwick Open Studios: Silverteeth’s Gabriella Rassi On Performing @ BOS Launch Party

Tonight at the Bushwick Open Studios Launch Party at Radio Bushwick, Silverteeth will be performing; front woman Gabriella Rassi chatted to us about the evolution of her band and being part of BOS.


How did Silverteeth start?
We started as a duo, Bill and I. After we came back from a trip to Brazil we had absolutely no money and we were playing at the subways to make money. We ended up playing more than one hundred shows together last year, singing folk songs until we got the urge to make something more true to ourselves – and it had to have more rock n’ roll in it.

How would you describe your sound
It’s constantly changing as we try to go deeper within ourselves and closer to each other all at the same time. That’s the only direction we are taking.

How is being the only woman in the band?
It’s not so easy if you have something to say and you want to take credit for it. It’s been a while that women have been moving from behind the scenes to the spotlight but it still isn’t balanced and people still tend to see things from a lazy point of view. Even if I book half of the shows and write half of the songs 80% of the people will reach out to the guy first if they want to book a show. If not more. I make sure I am always heard by my bandmates no matter what. And they are awesome. But there are people who like to keep women as decoration.

What do you love about BOS?
I’ve seen it grow, I feel like I’m a part of it. When I moved to Bushwick I had friends say that I was crazy to move to that region and now it has become the centre of the NYC arts. Maybe just more people realized it.

Favorite place in Bushwick?
Mckibbin st, no doubt. I have chills when I walk through those buildings. It used to be home. So many people found home there and also felt homeless when it changed. I’ve never hung out with as many powerful people at the same time like I used to do there. It was pure, powerful and so alive. I can try to describe it but words are tiny.

What artists are you looking forward to checking out?
Summer Wheat, Francesca Neiman, Gustavo Rizerio, Rafael Fuchs, and all the ones that I will discover this year.

What’s coming up next?
You never know, but we’ve been working on a record that we hope to release soon.

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