BUMP The Top 3 “BBHMM” Rih-Mixes


Who can dispute the fact that Bitch Better Have My Money marks the return of Rihanna making bangers? We love FourFiveSeconds, but let’s face it, that’s a song to play when you’re in the car with your grandma. BBHMM is a table dance anthem, and it’s certifiably NSF grandparents. What could be better?

Welp, the BBHMM Rih-mixes (see what I did there) have started dropping, and most of them shit all over the original and then some. Not that the original isn’t great, but the remixes are exponentially better.

Here are the top 3 remixes that I’ve come across. Pop some popcorn, turn up the volume, and start choreographing your dance routine for this Thursday at the club!

The Siya Remix



This happens to be my personal favorite (click the heading to hear it). It’s short, it’s sweet, and Siya’s freestyle game at the beginning is so strong. This reality star has some sweet vocals of her own!

Handbag House vs Kat Krazy bootleg mix

Your new club anthem. Perfect for getting hyped, grinding, or performing an impromptu striptease. I was sitting in bed the first time I heard this and even then I couldn’t help banging my head to the beat.

The Chipmunks Remix

Alright, I’m throwing this one in for the throwback vibes and some LOLs. Who doesn’t love Alvin and The Chipmunks? If you don’t, you can play this song on loop to annoy your musically pretentious friends. It will be hilarious, I swear.

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