Bully Is The Band Every Twenty-Something Girl Needs

Bully, one of the most buzzed about bands from SXSW, deserves all the hype they can get. We’re particularly obsessed with the thoughtful and powerful frontwoman, Alicia Bognanno. Not only is she electrifying live but her lyrics depict just what it’s like to be a twenty-something-year-old woman.

With their new album, Feels Like, just around the corner and a sold out show tonight in Brooklyn; Alicia took a quick break for a Galore playdate. We talked about being young and confused plus the importance of whiskey and cheap beer.

Galore Mag, Bully, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander

First off, I saw that you’re opening for Best Coast. She is a huge girl crush of mine. Who are some of your girl crushes?

Kim Deal, Kim Gordon and Kathleen Hanna.

Galore Mag, Kim Gordon, Kathleen Hanna

Almost all the same choices as Colleen Green, who choose the three “Kims”. Great minds think alike. Now what about Bully. What things is your band a lovechild of?

Whiskey and cheap beer.

Your new song “Trying” is the shit. I do want to talk more about one line, in particular: “I question everything/ My focus, my figure, my sexuality”.

That song is about being confused about yourself all the time. It’s hard to be in your mid-twenties as a woman. Emotionally, it’s just like, “What am I doing with my life?” all the time. It’s about finding out who you are and learning what’s okay and what’s not okay. It’s not always about really materialistic things all the time. The things that you think matter, don’t.

That being said, where do you summon your inner confidence to be a badass on stage?

It’s almost like a coping mechanism. It’s therapeutic. I’m obviously singing about things I’m not totally comfortable with but when I sing about them I’m kind of putting it out there and accepting it for myself. It makes me feel better.

Besides the obvious reasons, why are you super stoked about your debut record coming out soon?

First of all, because it’s our first record. Also, I am pretty proud of it. I genuinely like it. I know people are like, “Duh!” But, no. I don’t feel like there’s any fillers on the record. There’s no songs I put on there just to make it a better number.

If I were to raid your closet, what’s your most worn pieces in there?

I usually travel with two pairs of jeans and four different t-shirts. I try to keep it really comfortable. I have a really awesome red kimono jacket that’s my favorite thing. Other than that, just whatever sneakers I wear at the time I’ll wear out until they’re just done and don’t work.

Galore Mag, Bully, Photo Credit, Shannon Kurlander

What do you miss most from home while on the road?

My dog. She’s a German Shepherd/Huskey mixed mutt. She’s like 75 pounds. She’s just the most beautiful loving creature in the world. I miss her so much.

I don’t blame you. I’m such a dog person…like I almost prefer them over people. Now to the other side of pole, from love to frustration. What would you say “f*** you” to right now?

Racism, people who are homophobic and people who are sexist.

Interview & Photos by: Shannon Kurlander

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