Budweiser’s Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad Is Actually Woke

One plus side of Trump’s inauguration is that we’ve seen which companies and celebrities have values and which don’t.

For some, like Kim Kardashian, it’s super easy to openly come out as liberal. But for others who have a conservative fan base, *cough* Taylor Swift, it can be tougher.

Well, Budweiser just proved that they DGAF if their xenophobic fans shun them, because they are openly supporting pro-immigration policies with their new Super Bowl ad.

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The ad reenacts Adolphus Busch’s journey to America from Germany, complete with a-holes telling him he “doesn’t belong here” right when he gets off the boat. Sound familiar?

Although the commercial was likely filmed before Trump’s latest ban, it had to have been shot during his campaign. It’s a good reminder that immigrants are real people, with real dreams. Dreams that may or may not have contributed to the beer you’ll be drinking on Sunday night.

The commercial is super inspiring, and as an added bonus, the actor who plays young Busch is hot.

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