Where The Wild Things Are: Chatting With Bryan Boy at Diesel





Sitting front-row at this afternoon’s killer Diesel runway show was the infamously blunt (see also: hilarious) and perpetually BANANAS-ly dressed blogger who goes by the monicker Bryan Boy. Heard of him? We’ve spotted/stared in fascination at the ubiquitous front row staple and his slew of headturning looks this week, but today may have just been our favorite: a polka-dotted St. Laurent Paris collared shirt and loose tie under a Kenneth Cole blazer paired with super cute Gucci kicks. BB topped it off with the ultimate statement piece — a massively brimmed black hat, which gave us high-fashion Winona Ryder aka “Lydia”  in ‘Beetlejuice’ vibes. WERK! Galore caught up with the fab front row staple about his buzzed-about fur-heavy accessory collab line, missing the mega-blogged about rescheduled Marc Jacobs‘ show for Tyra Banks, and why he doesn’t give a fly fashion f*** about his haters. You go, BB!

Out of the innumerable shows you’ve checked out this week, what are some of your faves?
I really really loved Jason Wu — I thought that was really incredible; he’s such a grown up. I’m obsessed with the fur mittens at Alexander Wang and the fur claws at Joseph Altuzzarra. I thought Phillip Lim was super, super cool in a way that it’s a big city girl with all of her layering and her cross-body bags. I’m looking forward to Oscar de la Renta today to see the John Galliano touch.

Okay. So. Let’s talk about Tyra and that smize.
I’m gonna see her on Thursday after Calvin Klein. I’m flying to start taping the new season of Top Model. I’m gonna miss the Marc Jacobs’ show and I’m skipping Paris and everything else too. We’re taping Top Model for two months!

You weren’t so thrilled about last season’s winner, were ya?
I wasn’t happy. I cried! She wasn’t exactly my favorite girl, but every judge has their favorite girls.

More importantly, when can we get our hands on some Bryan Boy designs?
I have my fur accessory collaboration with Adrienne Landau. It’s gonna come out this fall. It’s a unisex collection of scarfs, bow-ties, mink camera straps. It’s very accessible — everything is under $600.

How do you deal with the Twitter haters? What’s the craziest thing you’ve been tweeted?
You know, I don’t really pay attention. I’ve had people who’ve wanted to kill me, people who wanted me to get hit by a bus. I don’t know — maybe I’m just like so narcissistic that I don’t really check what other people are tweeting. You can say that we had an affair 500 years ago and I probably wouldn’t pay attention to that either.

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