Bruce Jenner Docu-Series Is On Hold! But What’s The Silver Lining?

Bruce Jenner seen arriving at Elton John concert at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles

Every Kardashian fan and celebrity scandal monster is about to get some depressing news. The Bruce Jenner sex change docu series has been put on hold (cue the tears). Apparently, old Brucie (Brucina?) realized his life was too much of a clusterfuck to continue filming, what with his recent car accident and the fact that he wants to be sure his kids are emotionally adjusted before seeing this intense life change all over national TV. It’s nice to see Bruce putting his and his family’s psychological well-being first, but we are still craving every detail of Bruce’s story. The silver lining to the rain cloud is that Bruce’s interview with Diane Sawyer is still happening, so we still get a taste of at least a little Jenner drama!

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