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Alex Catarinella: Do you remember the first time you performed as Brooke Candy?
Brooke Candy: My actual birth name is Brooke Candy. So I guess the first time I performed as “Brooke Candy” is the moment I popped out of my mother’s pussy.

Wait, WHAT? We need to bold that amazing info on your Wikipedia page immediately. I’m such an asshole.
No you’re not! It totally sounds like a stage name!

What has been your wildest gig so far?
I performed at a sex dungeon in Hamburg, Germany and it was sick. Halfway into my set we lost power and the entire club went pitch black. I ended up having to finish my set in the dark. People were going insane though. It was by far the craziest show I’ve played so far.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
I drink tea and attempt to be alone and left in silence.

What’s on your tour rider?
Weed and tea!

I approve. Do you have a dream music video director you wanna work with?
Mark Romanek.

That’d be magical. Michael and Janet’s “Scream” is basically the best music video ever. Okay, can you name your top three bad ass female MCs?
Left Eye, Missy Elliot, Trina

When is the last time you twirled around the stripper pole? What was your favorite strip-friendly jam?
I don’t strip anymore because I’ve been a bit too busy but I don’t think it will be too long before I’m back on the golden pole. My favorite song to strip to used to be Beyonce’s “Dance For You” but now I think it would be “Ice” by Kelly Rowland.

If you could do your thing on a previously released tune, what would the song be and whose verses would you replace?
I would replace Mya on “Lady Marmalade” because it would be a dream to do a ladies’ anthem with four top females in the game. No animosity, just strong women uniting to celebrate sexuality and sisterhood. Brooke, Pink, Christina, Kim and Missy.

Yes please! Okay, let’s play a little Marry, F***, Kill. Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Azealia banks… Go!
Marry: Nicki Minaj. F***: Iggy Azalea. Kill: Azealia Banks.

What’s the last outfit you bought?
The last “outfit” I bought was an airbrushed sweatsuit with my face airbrushed on the front and some black Shell-Toe Adidas.

Current obsession?
Belly chains.

The most important question: what’s the secret behind those banging braids?
Takes 12-14 hours to do, hurts like hell, and my hair is chin length without them. I’ve been experimenting with new hairstyles lately. The braids are cool but I think I can come up with something better.

And what can we expect from you in the near future?
Touring Europe, releasing my mixtape/album, more music videos, WORLD DOMINATION.

One more! Tell me something surprising about you.
I was born a woman.


Photographer: Jared Ryder
Stylist: Hoza Rodriguez
Stylist Asst: Rik Villa
Make Up: Ashley Gomila
Hair: Daniel Moon
Hair (Braid look): Felicia Francis
Hair Asst: Bethy Mireles


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