Broad City Is the Bomb, Here’s Why


I don’t even like Comedy Central. I don’t care about Aziz Ansari, and I am only mildly amused by Workaholics. When I explain to people who refer to Curb Your Enthusiasm as “Curb” that I find Larry David annoying, they look at me the same way they do when I admit that I don’t like avocados. The only television show I’ve ever genuinely enjoyed is Sex And The City, but sometimes I watch House of Cards with my boyfriend and pretend to be interested so that he’ll have sex with me later on. So that’s me.  So why am I, the grinch of laughter, suddenly a convert? Broad City, bitches. Here’s why:

1. Last night, Kelly Ripa starrs, gets wine-wasted, then moves on to moonshine. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching another girl enjoy getting drunk as much as I do. 

2. Abbi and Ilana are not the cast of Girls. Power to Lena Dunham, but I’m so fine never watching another episode of Girls again in my life.


3. There’s a debate about Ilana’s sexuality. Up until last night, the show portrayed her sexual orientation pretty ambiguously, but in a manner that also feels very honest—not every person in their 20s can identify with labels like “straight” or “gay”.  I’m an ex-English major (and a Women’s Studies minor) so you can imagine how much a “complex female character” might thrill me. 


4. The improvised scene of Abbi jerking of a tree raised red flags at the Comedy Central network. That’s pretty badass.

5. It’s pretty obvious that Abbi and Ilana are friends in real life. After some research, the rumors were confirmed. What’s not to love about that?



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