Find Romance With Britni Sumida’s Enchanting Scents

“My aunt used to have this beautiful house surrounded by roses. It was COVERED, to the point where you can’t see the actual house. Anytime I smell fresh roses I remember being 6 years old and cutting flowers with her,” Japanese beauty Britni Sumida says.


Wherever you go, your scent arrives before you do, and lingers after you leave. You catch a whiff that reminds you of a place or person, and it transports you. That’s why hot as hell July is time to reconsider the scent defines your essence. Musky overtones mixed with a heady smell of sweat is gag-inducing. Instead, curate the romantic vibe with natural oils and light, pretty perfumes with floral notes. Sumida tells you how.


“Keep it light and go with more natural scents than overpowering ones,” Britni advises. For daytime, she’ll spray herself with Honey Almond spray by C. Booth. For night, it’s all about Jasmine Oil by Herbivore Botanicals. Otherwise, she looks for anything with sandalwood: “I think it’s the most intriguing scent for both men and women.”


When it comes to date night, it’s time to break out the shi shi perfumes. The science behind this says that humans can detect each other’s pheromones, hormones secreted in sweat and natural body fluids, through smell. When you fall in love, you’re unconciously attracted to the aroma of your mate’s pheromones. You gotta make sure they’re coming across loud and clear: “I like to wear Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James. It’s fragrant enough to last a long time and smells relatively natural with its mixture of sandalwood, violet and vanilla.” To ensure you keep smelling fresh all day (date) long, keep a rollerball on hand. Britni recommends one with Chloe’s original scent. And if the man you do end up falling for is more stank than swoon? “Gift him Santal 33 by Le Labo. You will not regret it!”


To keep your space smelling just as intriguing as your skin, soy candles are the ideal investment. They burn long and the smell permeates. Britni loves to fill her home with Aspen Bay candles. “Fire is the best scent. Voluspa Baltic Amber is also amazing.” Aspen Bay also offers room sprays which, bonus alert, you can spray on your clothing in times of need.


 Photos by Vinny Balbo

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