Britney Spears’ Greatest Lingerie Moments

Having launched her own line of lingerie and nightwear earlier this month, we’ve been reminiscing about all of the most fabulous bras and panties Britney Spears has rocked throughout her career. So many bra tops, so little time.

By Kate Allen

The ‘…Baby One More Time’ Sports Bras
The unbuttoned school shirt and it’s resultant exposed black bra may have been the school uniform that launch a thousand ships, but it was the brightly coloured sports bras that Britney wore when outside of the classroom that we still want to wear to the gym today. Still can’t decide whether the neon pink or yellow one is better.

The Black Push Up Bra
For her 1999 debut Rolling Stone cover, Britney Spears was photographed by David LaChapelle for what would be one of the magazine’s most iconic covers. Those silky pink sheets, the strategically placed Teletubby and that halter neck bra announced the arrival of a dangerously knowing teen dream.

The Panties Over The Jeans
To announce her no longer being a “little girl” Britney announced her new edgier pop sound with the help of The Neptunes and heightened provocative image with a whole lot of body oil in the video for ‘Slave 4 U’. By this point she was virtually the spokesgirl for low-cut jeans and she clearly couldn’t wear anything underneath them, so topped off her hip huggers with a pink lace thong.

The Dream Within A Dream Encore Bra
For the finale of Britney’s lavish Dream Within A Dream tour she did three notable things: 1) She murdered ‘…Baby One More Time’ by giving it a ballad/techno ballad makeover 2) Got soaked to the skin thanks to two tonnes of water raining down onto the stage and 3) Beat Rihanna to wearing a barely-there jewelled bra by eight years (and made it look so much better too).

The Neon Twin Set
Hot on the heels of her Las Vegas marriage and annulment, Blender magazine’s January 2004 issue starring Britney in a neon demi bra, matching thong (as exposed by low slung jeans) and an undone leather jacket solidified her new bad girl attitude.

The Onyx Hotel Bed Wear
In what was a racy live concert all round, Britney’s The Onyx Hotel tour reached a new level of peep-meets-pop-show plateau when she performed ‘Breath On Me’. She entered the stage via a pole, wore a silky pink underwear set and black stockings, and rolled around a bed with a backup dancer.

The Fur Shrug Accented Underwear
Not only did Britney Spears co-direct and choreograph the video for ‘Do Somethin’’ she also styled it entirely by herself. Scenes of Britney and her girl gang decked out in Juicy Couture in the club were interspersed with Spears goofing around in black undies with an added fur bolero and Hello Kitty ice around her neck.


The Casual Lounge Wear
Britney showed she can do off-duty sexy too whilst cooking up breakfast in the video for ‘Womanizer’. This soft, silky look can definitely be emulated thanks to The Intimate Britney Spears – pair items from the Anemone collection with the Clementine Kimono and you’re done.

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