British Teenager Birdy Is Already Releasing Her Third Album

 Birdy covered  Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love,” marking a huge breakthrough for Birdy after she charted across Europe and earned platinum certifications six times in Australia. Now, expect Birdy’s third studio album Beautiful Lies, out on March 25th

In anticipation of the teen wonder’s new feat, we chatted with her about being a youngster in the biz, love songs, and Japanese art.

You received a lot of attention for your music at a young age. What have you learned over the past few years that you didn’t know when you were starting?

I think to always be confident in my own ideas. It can be hard to say no to things sometimes, but I’ve learned to just always go with my gut. 

Did you and Bon Iver connect after you covered “Skinny Love?” 

I haven’t ever spoken to him but heard he likes my cover. I would love to meet him one day. 

What makes your third studio album Beautiful Lies different than the previous two?

From the experiences of the last two albums and growing up a bit, I knew myself better. It’s the album I’ve been able to steer most proudly because I really knew what I wanted it to be. 

When you’re writing your own lyrics, what themes or topics do you often times find yourself lingering on? 

My songs are often about love, not always romantic love but relationships between family and friends. This new album is all about change. 

How do you feel about live performance?

I love performing live. When I’m playing I feel most comfortable and can be in my own world. I love feeling the energy of an audience. 

What’s your onstage “look” as opposed to when you’re offstage?  

So far they haven’t been different, really. The artwork and the theme running through Beautiful Lies is inspired by pre-Raphaelite and traditional Japanese art, I would love to bring those themes to the stage with what I wear. 

You contributed a track earlier to a Hunger Games soundtrack. Do you see yourself working on more film/TV projects like this? 

I would love to do lots of that. I grew up watching Disney films and loving cinematic music.  Last year I was asked to write some songs for the film The Fault in our Stars, and two of them were featured in the movie which was really special for me. I was so inspired by the story. 

What defines success for you when it comes to music?

Success for me is creating music I am proud of. 

Did you pay attention to (or attend) this year’s Grammys? What was your reaction?  

No, it hasn’t been shown on UK TV yet. I did hear on the news that Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge won for Best Song of the Year.  I recently wrote a song with Amy Wadge that’s featured on my new album. She’s a wonderful songwriter—I’m delighted for her that she won with Ed.

What would you tell other young, aspiring musicians as advice?  

To make music that you love and to always believe in your ideas. 

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