Brit Model Billie JD Porter’s Guide To First Day Of School Style

British model, Billie JD Porter, knows all you need to know about transforming your summertime favorites into mega outfits for the first day of school. From the sickest new brands to the only trend that matters, Porter will have you rolling into homeroom feeling comfy, but looking like the coolest chick in town. 

1. Watch Movies, Get Inspired: Obviously Annie Hall is a great one for shirts, scarves and waistcoats, but personally, I think that full look has been done to death. I think its cooler to just take one or few bits from an outfit and work it into stuff you already wear. I just went to see that documentary The Wolfpack, and I thought it was so cool the way that movies shaped the style of those kids growing up, too. It really made me wanna re-watch Reservoir Dogs and go buy a full suit.

2. Define Your Look: I love a comfy mish-mash of stuff you could wear on a sofa all day and stuff you’re allowed to wear because its gross outside. I think I’m gonna be throwing polo necks and camel coats over tracksuits and digging out my fingerless gloves.

3. Layer Up: One staple I use all year round is a denim jacket, normally baggy. In the Summer you can throw it over anything and then when it starts to get chilly I like wearing mine over a black hoodie.

4. Invest In Sweaters: If you’re only going to buy one new wardrobe piece this Fall, get a really nice jumper that you can dress up or down. There are so many good ones for all budgets: if you can afford to splash out I’d go for a Bella Freud. They’re so classic and they go with pretty much everything. She’s just done a new collection with some brighter colors that are really cool. Otherwise, Topshop always does really good classic polo necks or little striped pullovers in Autumn colors.

5. The Loafer Requirement: I used to wear loafers till they’d fall to pieces actually, especially after this thing I did where I played a loafer loving slutty schoolgirl for super iconic loafer brand Weston. Right now I love these maroon ones by Dr Martens that feel like they’re literally going to last forever.

6. Discover New Brands: One person I think everyones gonna be seeing loads more of is Mary Benson… she has some amazing Fall pieces, really cool shirts and frayed denim blazers. She’s got a really unique attitude, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so bubbly and excited who works in fashion, it’s sort of rare.

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