From Fashionista To Music Maven, Breez Lance Has All The Style Tips You Need

Brianna Lance‘s genetics basically dictated that she would be in the fashion industry since birth. It was destiny that she would be essential in creating the explosive, environmentally conscious, classic line – Reformation. After making tsunami-level waves in the fashion world though, Breez (as she is affectionately known to friends and family) decided it was time to sow her wild oats elsewhere. Trying her hand in the music industry, she is currently creating a record to embody her classic personality.

Embarking on a new career means a wardrobe update is required. High heels are no longer practical for gallivanting around the city. What else? Does this mean we can expect a heavier Janis Joplin influence on her every day style? Questions burning, we asked Breez all about her musical style influences, what she’s wearing in the studio, and the essential wardrobe pieces for the musically inclined.

Galore Mag Brianna Lance

How has your style changed since embarking on a musical pathway?

I’ve always been influenced by music, since I was a little girl, so nothing much has changed aesthetically. Practically, you end up carrying a lot of gear around and having a lot more bruises as a result, so that involves having a bit more coverage and comfortable shoes. I never, ever where heels anymore. 

Which musical icons influence your style?

It’s endless. There was a period when musicians and artists were the most stylish people in the spot light in the 1960s/1970s and that was probably the best time to grab influence.  Everyone from Bob Dylan to Nina Simone to Debbie Harry was looking fresh. But Nick Cave and Francoise Hardy are probably my top two musical style stars. 

Have you ever “given up” on clothes and how did you re-find your inspiration?

Yes. Sometimes, you just realize that as fun as it is, it’s not what really matters. When real life comes in dramatically, the fun fantasy stuff dies down. But once things calm down you can play dress up again. That’s really what getting dressed to me is like. Playing in a dress up box.

What are your current live-in pieces?

It’s warm outside so normally that means I live in mini dresses. Summer is my favorite because the less clothes you have to put on, the less thought. I have a vintage 1890s men’s white night shirt I love to wear, a 1960s mandarin collar mini shift, and (what I think was intended to be a tunic top but I have made into a dress) Indian printed cotton situation.  Those are the things I put on when I don’t feel like thinking.

3 words to describe your style?

That’s so hard! It weirdly feels like having to compliment yourself…I want to say overgrown elf, but real talk, vintage, easy, chic.

What are the steps to finding a personal style?

Wear what makes you happy.  I never really judge anyone’s style if it looks like they feel good about themselves. If you like leopard leotards or pleated khaki shorts and mandals (man sandals), do what makes you happy.  Who cares what other people think. 

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