Break-Ups Suck, But Your Life Doesn’t


Some people think that just because they’re dealing with a crumby break-up, it means they’re stuck there. Forever. Like eternity. Or until happy hour starts and they can drink their sorrows away.

Either way, there is nothing more awful then dating someone who becomes your best friend, your teammate, your cheerleader, your confider, and then parting ways like the red sea. To the point where you see a picture of them or read a status of theirs and realize that you have no idea who they are anymore. Having to deal with your ex turn into a stranger is the most heartbreaking thing.

And if you’re lucky enough to have had a clean cut from your significant other then I salute you.

But this all reminds me of the first time my dad taught me how to ride a bike. I was outside, and also note that this was in Texas so it was probably a hundred freaking degrees. Which means that I was probably being a brat because sweating doesn’t look cute on anyone unless you’re David Beckham.


So, I’m about to get on this bike and ride off like the creepy dude from Saw until I remember one thing: we forgot my helmet.

As I’m riding around though, I’ll never forget my dad’s awesome advice: “If you fall, just make sure you keep your head from hitting the pavement.” Of course CPS would have been like, “WTF kind of advice is that?” But I learned how to ride my bike that day and even now when I fall, I always make sure my head doesn’t hit the ground.

But, occasionally, I do hit my head.

I mean this with my failures. I definitely strive to be a good person, but sometimes it’s hard. I do try to maintain a positive outlook for any situation though. Maybe it’s because I never hit my head when I fell off my bike or because I’m really good at carrying my drunk confidence into the next day.


Either way, life is going to slam us with obstacles whether we’re ready or not. Helmet or not. But there are two approaches to handling this. You can either mope and whine and then whine with wine. Or, you can take my approach and look at your relationship ending like an SNL skit: things happens, but it only lasts a brief moment and in the end you’ll laugh about it.

Because stressing over stuff gets you absolutely freaking nowhere and it makes for a dense outlook on life. Also, no one wants to hear your sad story over and over and over again. There is a difference between venting and then getting shit done and down right complaining.

Even your bartender will want to slap you in the face. Or worse, they may introduce you to that really annoying drunk at the end of the bar. Talk about a buzz kill. Unless they’re attractive. Then maybe it’s okay. You could just sound them out and stare at their cheek bones.

But what I’m trying to get at is that sometimes you can’t prepare yourself enough for all of the crap life throws your way. You’ll forget your helmet like I did, but you learn to figure out other alternatives and move forward.

So take risks, love passionately, ride through life without your helmet, but for the love of God, make sure you always keep your head up.

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