Find Out Why Brazilian Blogger Maga Moura Is Addicted To Color

Maga Moura‘s citrus colored braids and bold earrings make her a stand out amongst other bloggers. She mastered the perfect street style at Brooklyn’s Afropunk fest, and now she’s gearing up for an entire month of fashion weeks. She cites London as her favorite source of inspiration, and she finds the coolest looks of all off the runway.”I always prefer to watch the street style then catwalks. My eyes are on people and how they express themselves,” she said, when asked which show she was most looking forward to. But no matter where she’s travelled, from Europe to Africa, one thing has remained consistant: “I never found a reference to me in the fashion world,”  she said. “I thought ‘maybe the reference doesn’t exist yet,’ so here I am.” 

That’s also why she decided to collab with Brazilian brand Jouer Couture as the creative director of a limited edition collection. “Making this collection as a creative director was one of my dreams. I’m so proud of it.” The collab, which dropped a month ago, features Moura’s explosive personal style. “Whenever I speak of my style, I talk about my personality,” she told us. “The two are complementary. I’m almost always in a good mood, optimistic, sassy… People can feel my good vibes through my style.” After all, Moura believes nothing ever goes out of style, it’s all about how you work it. At the end of the day, she has one motto for getting dressed: “Your truth, for life.” Check out these gifs to see how Moura gets freaky with color, and always looks fly. 


Jacket Betsey Johnson, Top Di$count Universe

Top Di$count Universe

Top Di$count Universe, earrings

Dress: Di$count Universe

Photographer: Alexandra Gavillet

Editor: Rose Garcia

Makeup Artist: Maya Rene

Talent: Maga Vilhas

Story: Stephanie Janetos

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