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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we can’t have any of our Galore Girls wearing ill-fitting bras. Lucky for you all, Brayola exists! Brayola is an online marketplace that provides a personalized bra shop with many top brands. Finally, a girl no longer needs to worry about finding the perfect bra for a certain outfit, anything you could possibly need is able to be found directly on Brayola. We decided we needed to talk to and thank Founder & CEO, Orit Hashay. She is basically a miracle woman. No matter who you are, finding the right bra is an individual nightmare. Orit gave all us females a place to fight that battle together, while each gaining a unique experience (or product). Orit gave us a glimpse of her brilliance in this interview below, plus she dished on picking vixen worthy lingerie for your V-Day adventures.


How did Brayola come about? What inspired you to create this business?

Brayola came about because I had difficulty finding a bra to go with a particular outfit. I asked my sister which bra she had and loved, and bought the bra she recommended me to get. As it happened, the bra was awful and just didn’t fit me in the same way it fit her. We simply have different body types. So, I again asked around and took the advice from a close friend. The new bra arrived, and I fell in love. It turned out my friend was the exact same size as me and she had the exact same taste. Then I knew, not only did I need to give women with different body types the ability to shop in one place, but I was onto something as far as having somebody with your body type and same taste recommending a product to you.

I love that it isn’t specific to one body type! Did you intend to include every female when you started Brayola?

Absolutely! Every woman is different, there isn’t a one size fits all, especially for bras. What is super important is the fact that if you get your bra right, it can change everything, and by everything I mean, the way you present yourself, how you feel and really create positive feelings which can enhance everything about your life. We always say that our mission is to help women of ALL sizes and shapes to feel beautiful & find their perfect fitting bras 🙂

We love that you have a system that finds your perfect bra match! What are some tips in finding the perfect fitting bra?

Best tips for finding the perfect fit bra would be to make sure that the band you are wearing is correct. All the support comes from there. If you have a hard time with straps, or achy shoulders, most likely you are not getting enough support. The support comes from the band. What may feel like being a bit tight to begin with will really pay off over time. You shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers when you pull the band away from your body.

I need a different bra for every shirt it seems. What are some basic bra necessities every female must own?

Great question. Every underwear drawer should have a classic T-shirt bra for any smooth shirts, or every day shirts. A good convertible bra for obvious reasons, you don’t want to be caught with a bra stop peeping out at the wrong time. It’s essential to own a sports bra, even if you are not a large busted woman because even the lightest exercise can damage the breast tissue, and sports bras really do help. A practical strapless bra for the summertime, and the most important bra, the sexy bra! The sexy bra that makes you feel a million dollars no matter what the outfit or the day is. Every woman should have that one bra they put on  and it transforms them!

Any tips for picking some seduction worthy V-Day lingerie?

Sexy means something different to every woman! It could be racy in lace, or something that boosts the bust! As long as you feel great in it, you will ooze sex appeal 🙂 

What are the comfiest (but still sexy) pair of panties you’ve ever owned?

I absolutely love the Leonia vintage lace control panties! They literally do everything (whilst still looking sexy)!

What’s your favorite full set on the site right now?

For me, I adore the Marlies Dekkers range! There is something about them that is just super sexy, without showing too much. 

What can a girl find at Brayola that she can’t find anywhere else?

Imagine that you are in the largest bra shop in the world, but right in the front of the store we only display things that fit and that you will love. We’re a tech company focused on making online bra shopping better. At Brayola, it’s all about making bra shopping easy, interactive and allowing our customers to feel great! We create a personal bra shop for you, with styles and sizes you will love all picked by women exactly like you. Or, if you are looking for a great bargain or just to browse and see what’s hot at the moment, you can check out the shop. There is always stuff on the site to learn from (whether it’s fit or not) and also just to know that there are women exactly like you everywhere. No one suddenly has a totally unique problem when it comes to buying bras, and we’re here to show you!

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