BRÅVES: This Mysterious Band Might Be The New Terror Jr.

It’s not a new trend to hide your identity as a musician. DJs like DeadMau5 cover their faces when performing all the time, and pretty sure Daft Punk invented that shit — rumor has it they showed up to their own pop-up unmasked and no one even recognized them.

More recently, we’ve all been driven insane by the rumor of Miss Kylie Jenner supposedly moonlighting as the lead singer of Terror Jr. Though she has gone through great lengths to make us believe it’s not her, fans just can’t stop investigating and creating conspiracy theories of their own.

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If you love following the breadcrumbs and trying to figure out who a musician might be, then look no further, just look up the band BRÅVES and try to figure that one out. These guys have killer pop-ish EDM tunes, but cover their faces to leave you guessing as to who they really are.

As you can see from these photos, the guys (or girls?!) of have some pretty high-end gothic fashion vibes with their fringe-y hats and Queen veils — it’s even more interesting to see them play live and wonder how they get oxygen and actually sing underneath those things…

What maybe sets BRÅVES apart from other mystery bands, are their interesting music videos and immersive live performances. They, of course, have not appeared in any of their music videos (at least thus far) and rumor has it, they’ve turned down multiple opportunities to perform live.

“We’ve played a lot of live shows and are generally bored with the state of live music,” they say. “We just want to give the viewer a unique experience.”

In fact, BRÅVES’ debut performance consisted of a mystery invitation-only event on a movie studio lot that mentioned a “special 360 degree performance.” The band performed — in costume, duh — in a giant dome that had projected 3D video imagery including vortex tunnels and colorful sunsets all around. Needless to say it was like Daft Punk’s infamous laser light pyramid comeback performance at Coachella 2006 on steroids.

“We definitely plan on doing things outside the box in all regards — live, video, or otherwise,” the mysterious trio says.

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The band released a new video for their single, “Catch Me,” featuring actor Matthew Lillard of “Scooby Doo” and “Scream” movie fame alongside disability rights activist Dr. Victor S. Pineda.The video shows perhaps the ultimate juxtaposition and acceptance of differences as the two actors dance together. “The concept was very polarizing and we knew it would take two very brave people, totally comfortable in their own skin.”

BRÅVES are no strangers to creating weird videos that boggle the mind.

“We’re tired of seeing band performance music videos,” they say. “Our [videos] are simple and generally aim to make the viewer uncomfortable.” Their first video for “Me The Thief,” features actress Christa B. Allen and depicts the many types of love using either what might be multiple sets of twins, or else maybe computer generated clones of people — a secret that most people can’t figure out.

Their second video for “A Toast,” featuring Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz is even more mind-scrambling when you try to figure out if the innocent bystanders are moving in reverse, or if the actors are walking in reverse….

Of their mysteriousness, the band seemingly enjoys making us all wonder about them.

“Hopefully there will be more videos from this record and if there are, there is a slight possibility we will make an appearance,” they say.

Check out their videos, music, and their Instagram and then ask yourself, “who are they really? Is that actually Beyonce under that crown?”

We may never know…

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