Boys of Summer: Model Richie Rocco Rocks Our World

We love Richie Rocco…which is probably obvious from our steamy shoot with the ex-marine-now-model, check out his interview with us below! He features in our Bombshells of Summer Issue.

Photography Jacob DeKat
Creative Direction Prince Chenoa


Richard Americo Rocco III
Age: 29
Hometown:Los Angeles California

What turns you on most about a woman?
Hmm…not to get philosophical, but I would like to quote the late Sir Mix A lot “I like big butts and I can not lie” On a serious note, I like a woman that takes care of her body, something about the healthy lifestyle really infatuates me.

What are your hobbies?
Gym, hiking, I have summated three mountains. MMA. Close Quarter Combat training~ I secretly still do special forces training with military friends of mine. Most importantly spending time with my dog Rambo.

How was it serving in the Marines?
Greatest accomplishment I have achieved to date. As I reminisce my career I see a little boy who grew up homeless and in foster homes, showing up on those yellow footprints at USMCRD San Diego. I was molded into the man I am now. I owe a lot to the Marine Corps. I miss my friends. I miss my best friend Wllie P Celestine. He died while fighting insurgents along side of me in 2007. It was our second Combat tour in Iraq together. RIP bro. Yea, I enjoy the simple things now. That’s what it was like serving in the Marines for me.


What do you love most about America?
We let humans out of their cages.

What song is stuck on repeat for you this summer?
“Believe me” Lil Wayne ft Drake

Craziest place you have ever had sex:
Several thousand feet above sea level in a forest of snow. The mixture of freezing air and warm juices….um yea.

One thing no one knows about you:
I hate mushrooms. I throw bitch fits when Im starving.

How were you discovered?
Chris Kut introduced me to Nicola Formichetti, but ultimately they found me on Instagram. I guess I have a few important followers. Chris saw me on Jeremy Kost’s Instagram, I was a part of Purple Fashion magazine.

Baths or showers?
Shower. Baths are not fun alone.


Describe a romantic date you would take your girlfriend on:
Go hiking along side the cliffs of Malibu, then chill at the beach. And of course hit up Nobu out in Malibu.

Boxers or briefs:
Briefs or commando. Boxers are wack.

Favorite movie of all time:

Sex on the beach?
Please, because I haven’t yet.

How was fighting for America in Iraq?
I honestly would have to say I fought for the guys next to me and for the guys that were before me. I didn’t understand what it felt like to be an American until the day I got home.

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