Boys of Summer: Bradley Soileau on Lana Del Rey, Tattoos & Girls

Model Bradley Soileau features in out Bombshells of Summer Issue. His exclusive online interview AND additional pics! Check out what he had to say about featuring in Lana Del Rey’s music video, girls and whats’ coming up for him.

Photography by Jacob Dekat
Creative direction Prince Chenoa

NAME: Bradley Soileau
AGE: 28
HOMETOWN: Baton Rouge

How was it working with Lana Del Rey?
Working with Lana is fun to say the least. It’s a modeling job like any other modeling job, but Lana is a great person to be around and on top of that her videos are always so dark and iconic so it’s always meant a lot to me that I was chosen to be a part of her art.

How were you discovered?
I was discovered in NYC in the east village. I had just left Mondo Kims where I was selling my dvd collection cause i was broke. Dave Fothergill stopped me and asked me if i’d like to be a model, and now i’m here.

What is your fave thing about LA?
The weather the medical Marijuana, the food, and the fact that everyone is trying to chill.

What are your summer plans?
I’m heading to NYC next week to work, also I’ve talked about wanting to have my own brand and that opportunity has revealed itself under the name of BLACKFIST, so I’ll be working on production for my first collection which should be launching in August/September and I’m designing my summer collection for next year. So I have that to keep me busy for a while now.


You were married once how was married life?
I was married once. Married life is just normal life with someone else. It’s supposed to be a wonderful thing, unfortunately, the someone I chose to marry wasn’t the right person for me and my life and it didn’t workout. But that’s life. I learned a lot from it. I learned a lot about patience and forgiveness. I also learned a lot about myself, and who I am and what i want out of life and out of a partner. So from destruction always comes beauty, much like the phoenix rising from its ashes.

What type of girls do you like?
My dream girl is tall, with long legs and a nice tight apple bottom. She has great tits and visually once all those parts are put together her body creates the silhouette of a coke bottle. I like girls that are smart and creative. Girls that do their own thing, true individuals. Also there’s a misconception about guys with tattoos liking girls with tattoos. I prefer less tattoos, but i dont get hung up on how many tattoos a girl has. I don’t care so much about hair color or eye color. Those are things people tend to change anyways. I really just like girls who know who they are and what they want from life.


Sexiest part on a girls body:
ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS. Seriously. You can’t have a f***ed up face or body, but honestly I love butts.

5 tips for single ladies:
A) He’s just not that into you.
B) matching bra and matching panties girl get your shit together.
D) Get a job, stop f***ing guys for money.

Lana Del Rey new album is out, what is your fave song on the record?
Actually I havent listened to it. I was waiting till it came out. I know her personally and I know for a fact that having your album leaked is devastating. It’s her baby and it wasn’t ready to be birthed yet. So I’m waiting. But I do love west coast, not because I’m in the video either. That song has the illest dirty rock n’ roll vibes and the time change into the hook is amazing.


How did Lana discover you for her videos?
So the story I was told was this, I shot an editorial for The Wild Magazine. The photographers name is Armen Djerrahian and he’s french. He’s friends with Yoann Lemoine and they were at a bar talking work and Yoann was looking for a tattooed guy and armen said “hey! I just shot Bradley and he’s tight” and I guess that’s how Lana found me and chose me for her video.

How many tattoos do you have?
At this point I have no idea. I’m gonna just say roughly about 50 or so. I think once you get passed a certain number it just becomes hours though and with that I’d say about 60 hours of my life I’ve been underneath a tattoo gun.


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