5 Steps to Cutting F*** Boys Out Of Your Life

Spring is in the air and with the increased sunshine comes greater visibility. And with clearer sight comes the realization that your phone is littered with old f*** buddies, bitter exes, and study partners who never seem to get the hint: total trash. Breathe a deep breath of nice, not-yet-spring air and use these 5 steps to shake off the f***-boys and start fresh.

Step one: Delete the contact info of any guy you wouldn’t f*** sober


Step two: Delete any guy who doesn’t work, isn’t in school, doesn’t have a bank card, or for other reasons gives off a ‘don’t give a f*** about life’ vibe


Step three: Delete every guy who “isn’t looking for a relationship right now and wants to take it slow”


Step four: Ask the three guys left to dinner


Step five: See who asks you to pay

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