Ever Worried Your Boyfriend Loves His Car Too Much? This Man F***ed His

Photo Credit: Ryan Steward

When you’re dating a guy, it seems like he loves everything more than he loves you. His daily protein shake, his bros, the porn star he’s always jacking off too, and his car.

Dudes and cars are kind of like women and shoes. The opposite sex certainly has its fair share of love for said object, but yet certain genders are tied to certain objects.

While you may get pissed that your boyfriend is bailing on your picnic date in order to work on his newest car purchase, at least he’s not cheating on you with his car. How would he cheat on you with his car? Well, this lovely gentleman from Brazil clearly couldn’t get no satisfaction—and decided to unleash his meat on a minivan instead.

I mean come on man, you couldn’t have found a sports car? Or at least a luxury brand automobile?

I guess love really is blind.

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