The “boutique method” for finally cleaning out your closet

“I don’t have anything to wear.” The weekly saying used by every girl in the nation.

I’m completely guilty of mentally repeating this comment while also staring blankly at my packed closet. If you’re sick of hunting through the abyss of your closet to find an outfit for work, girl’s night, or date night, it’s time to take notes! Between lifestyle changes and personal style evolutions, your closet is in a desperate need of a detox.

The secret is to treat your closet like a boutique. My favorite declutter motto is if your closet was a store, would you buy your own pieces? Whatever you wouldn’t “buy” let that be the start of your tossing spree!

Here are my five tips and tricks how to turn your closet from a packed thrift shop to a posh boutique.

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1. Set a date and time

When you give yourself an exact date for the declutter process you are more likely to do it. Mark it in your planner, even go as far as setting aside a specific time frame. You should also research local organizations that would benefit the most from your clothing donations.

When you physically write it down as an event you’re mentally preparing yourself for the task at hand. You’re also more likely to accomplish your clean-out goals and look forward to seeing results.

2. Set Goals

Before you start, decide a specific minimum number of clothing bags you plan to toss. Create color-coordinated Post Its representing donations piles, garbage, keep, and swapping piles for your friends.

You can also create a rewards system for yourself. Donate two bags and you can finally splurge on that Michael Kors purse you’ve been eyeing. Donate four and find yourself the proud new owner of Jeffrey Campbell booties.

3. It’s ok to outgrow clothes

Nothing feels worse than realizing a once favorite item no longer fits. You wonder when did that happen? You think to yourself, “Hey, maybe once I lose some weight I can wear it again.”

The answer to that thought is no, no, no.  Just think to yourself, “why would I force myself to wear something that doesn’t make me feel comfortable?” Not only will it make you physically uncomfortable, but your confidence will also be altered.

Your goal should be to always feel runway ready so why would you succumb to a sub-par outfit? It’s time to move on and find that new favorite pair of Good Americans!

4. Inspire and Electrify

It’s true, clothes do have the potential to bring you happiness and excitement.

You want to have a wardrobe that constantly inspires you to take selfies for #ootd. I’m not saying you should be emotionally attached to every basic white tee, but most of your pieces should make you feel special.

Replace the pieces that make you feel boring and exchange them for articles that you absolutely can not wait to wear. Who knows, your donation could be the very piece someone else has been searching for. Create a closet that excites you, not one that makes you feel average.

 5. Mistakes happen

We all have that one dress we swore we were going to wear, that one overlarge sweater we thought would look cute over leggings, or that one thrifted piece you thought you could rock.

Tags on, shoved to the side, it’s those pieces that you must admit you made a mistake with. Forget the dollar sign regret and just look forward to the empty space you’re about to have for new pieces. Don’t let the price determine whether you should hold onto something unworn.

If you’re determined to not give up on a certain piece it’s time to do some homework. Spend some time in front of a mirror, take some polaroid’s, and scope out Pinterest for ways to make your clothing investment worthwhile.

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