10 Thoughts From The Mind Of Bosco, A-Trak’s Songstress Protegee

Atlanta native BOSCO moved to New York after attending Savannah College of Art and Design, but her art degree took the backseat when she caught the eye of A-Trak. After hearing a few of her soulful tracks, he quickly signed her to his record label, Fool’s Gold. Along with some new songs in the works, BOSCO has some more to offer: words of encouragement, thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner, and updates on her fashion influences (hint: they consist of space and time). 

1. Right now, I’m listening to a lot of Tame Impala and Janet Jackson. I’m listening to house music, and I like Young Thug. 

2. Growing up, I listened to Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and Prince. 

3. I feel we’re getting back into an era when females are singing again. When I first started playing the music that I do, it was really hard to break through. People weren’t as into it. Now, I feel, across the board, people are more accepting of female singers doing different things. 

4. I’m really enjoying exploring social media, as far as telling a story through images, rather than about stressing about how many likes I have. Fans need a visual palette, because they want to feel like they know you, and I feel like coming out of my shell has helped me connect with people more. I feel like Instagram is also a cool way to communicate to multi-demographics. 

5. My favorite Instagram artists are Kesh, Camelo Camel, Chantrelle Martin—she’s a really good one. Another one is Labong, she’s really cool. 

6. My advice to young female musicians? Consistency and longevity wins the race. I know as a female artist, it’s really hard to break through boundaries, or to feel like people aren’t catching up to you. Continue to be true to  yourself—no one can add your flavor to music, or street art, or fashion 

7. My biggest fashion influences come from old movies, interactions with strangers, space and time, I’m inspired by visual experience and anatomy. 

8. I love facials. I like taking care of my face, I try a lot of different masks. I’ll mix together coconut oil and avocado and use it as a cream.

9. I’ve been hearing a lot about Caitlyn Jenner recently. Everybody has the right to express themselves however they want, I don’t think that it’s wrong, I feel like everybody is entitled to the best representation of themselves. Personally is that something we stand by, in my family? Not so much. 

10. Pharrell would be really cool to work with. Earl sweatshirt would be cool. I like BANKS. Oh, and St. Vincent!

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