#BootBae Is the Overprotective GF Taking the Internet By Storm

First came #HurtBae, then #StrandedBae, and now Twitter brings us: #BootBae.

Social media blew up in deep analysis of footage from a date auction where a girl approached someone else’s boyfriend, only to get shut down by someone we now affectionately call #BootBae.

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Not only does #BootBae’s boyfriend look impressively unshook, her nemesis took to Twitter with a surprising version of the story.

I’ve watched this video sixteen times at this point and I’m pretty sure she’s lying. Like, this video clearly captures her walking towards #BootBae’s boyfriend. This feels like an episode of MTV’s Are You The One?

Regardless, the whole thing is hilarious. Also, it has me convinced that I need my own burgundy velvet over-the-knee boots. Steve Madden has a similar pair for only $78.

Whether you’re on #BootBae’s side or not, those shoes are something I can get behind.

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