Book Babes: Caroline Pires Reviews Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS

From one Galore darling to another. The lovely Caroline Pires recently graduated and automatically reached for Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoruso‘s book #GIRLBOSS to inspire her through her next chapter of her journey. Read Caroline’s review of Sophia’s inspiring book below!


Sophia Amoruso is a badass chick. Raised in Northern California in the 80s, Sophia certainly did not follow the prescribed recipe for success preached to her generation. Instead, she describes her adolescent self as quite the opposite of a teenage success story. She was at times a shoplifter, at times a ‘dumpster diver,’ but was always firmly rooted in the counter-cultural outskirts of society. That is until she found love, and by love I mean NastyGal. NastyGal is by far the best brand out there for young, cool, chicks my age. Regina George and Janis Ian would wear NastyGal. But for Sophia Amoruso, working out of a tiny rented pool house stocked to the brim with vintage finds, this multi-million dollar corporation started as an anti-social effort, a business which would allow her to limit human contact. From a young age, Sophia loved vintage clothing. When her mother begged her to buy clothes from the local mall like other girls her age, Sophia would always leave empty handed, heading instead to her favorite thrift shop. After years of taking any and every odd job, she decided to put some special vintage pieces on Ebay, and an advanced hobby became a massive corporation in only a few years. From the outside, it seems like a fashion Cinderella story, but Sophia’s account as described in #GIRLBOSS, tells quite a different tale. NastyGal did not fall into her lap, Sophia Amoruso did not get lucky, she created NastyGal by hand with her own blood, sweat, and tears, and, if I may be so bold, some major balls.

In retrospect, it seems as if I came out of the womb firmly resolved to be a #GIRLBOSS. As a child, however, this may have come off as a bit #GIRLBOSSY. Always wanting to be an actor, at age eight I recruited all of the kids in my cul-de-sac to take part in a full-length production of The Sound of Music for the neighborhood parents, using intimidation as my primary tactic in distracting them from their neo-pets. The older I got, the more determined I became. As Sophia herself says in #GIRLBOSS, I understood that if I worked hard, I would be in control of my own life, and would never have to ask anybody for anything. Why then, last week, when I graduated from my dream college, did I lay in a heap on my bed and watch six consecutive episodes of ‘Game of Thrones,’ so overwhelmed by emotion that I even shed a tear for Joffrey’s death?

When I received my copy of #GIRLBOSS, I hardly expected this to be a book which would rock my world. As I said, striving to be a #GIRLBOSS was not news to me. Like Sophia, I had always ascribed to the philosophy that if you worked hard enough, you would get what you want. Boy was I wrong. Throughout #GIRLBOSS, Sophia certainly emphasizes the importance of hard work, but she, along with all of the other #GIRLBOSSES who contribute to this book (Leandra Medine AKA Man Repeller, Ashley Glorioso, Alexi Wasser, and more) describe one other key element to success, one from which I had always shyed away, and perhaps the reason for my semi-distraught Games of Thrones spree. This essential quality is ‘risk.’ What do all true #GIRLBOSSES have in common? Yes, they are hardworking, yes they are intelligent, ambitious, and professional, but they are also all willing to take chances. I have worked hard, and I have made all of the choices which your grandma would probably urge you to make, but with the exception of occasionally skipping first period biology, I pretty much have always played by the rules without asking too many questions. And although I am happy for what I have done, my college graduation left me with not only a feeling of pride and accomplishment but also thousands of dollars in college loans and
a nagging feeling that perhaps I had not always been completely true to myself.

Although this wonderful book did, with this realization, create a major panic in my #GIRLNEUROTIC mind, I truly thank Sophia Amoruso for giving to me, and all of my other 20 something sisters out there the advice that everyone has avoided giving us our entire lives: f*** up. In her deeply personal and yet universal description of her own journey, Sophia Amuroso gives to her reader, whoever they may be, the license to take risks with the assurance that these risks probably won’t kill you. Yes, you may

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