Bomshells Come In Barbie: Say Hello To Ms Birkin

We love Barbie Birkin, she features in our latest issue! Check her pix and interview below!


What does fabulous mean to you?
Me, darling.

Who are some strong female role models who have inspired you?
Patsy and Edina, Karen Walker

The word bitch can be empowering, yet demeaning. What is your take on it?
As long as I’m the one saying it, it’s always empowering.


What motto do you live by?
– You can never be too rich, thin, or tan

What designer are you loving at the moment?
I mean the usual, but I’m really into anyone that sends me care packages, (Ricardo Ticci, I’m still waiting)

Who would you want to have a cat fight with?
Joan Collins, I’m no Crystal Carrington.


Your stuck on a remote island, what 4 things must you have?
Chanel hat
My phone
My plastic surgeon
A drone that can deliver me an endless supply of Whispering Angel, I mean what else would I drink.


Marry, F***. Kill?
Yes, in that order, how else would my Birkin collection grow?

Who’s sexier Ken, GI Joe or George Clooney?
I mean George is great, but I like a man who can pick me up and throw me in a private jet so definitely G.I. Joe, who’s Ken?

What is next for Barbie Birkin?
Hiring an assistant to do my interviews, we are done right?







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