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We all want bombshell hair and it’s totally possible to get it, but healthy hair needs to be achieved the healthy way! Right now, Galore is obsessing over eco-chic hair products. Not only are they good for your hair, but they’re good for you. People tend to avoid natural products because they never work as good as the ones with all the junk in ‘em. But think again my lady friends! Thanks to a new wave of natural product based brands, eco friendly hair care is officially BOMB! My hair feels silkier than ever with the use of the all natural Briogeo hair products, so I decided to talk to the brand’s founder Nancy Twine about her tips to attaining bombshell worthy hair while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. See how below!


How do you live “eco-chic”?

We live in a world today where we have more eco-chic and green options than ever before.  To me, eco-chic encompasses everything from the products you use to the foods you eat — and how you manage your daily habits.  I try to create an eco-chic lifestyle by choosing beauty products that are free of harmful toxins and that use sustainable packaging methods – eating locally sourced foods when possible and supporting restaurants in the area that have sustainable practices.  New York City is also a stickler about recycling – which is great, so that one’s a given for most New Yorkers.  Being eco-chic all the time isn’t easy — nor is it always practical.  However, trying to incorporate as many green practices in my lifestyle as possible is definitely a good start.

We hear rumors that you should only be washing your hair once a week. How often should you really be washing your hair?

Washing frequency is really dependent on your hair and scalp type.  Over-washing isn’t a good idea, but those with fine, thin, and/or oily hair may notice their hair feels dirty and looks limp within a day of washing.  Because of that, it may make sense for those hair types to practice daily washing.  However, if your scalp produces less oil or if your hair is very thick, you may notice that your hair doesn’t feel or look dirty until day 5 — and in that case, it may not be necessary to wash each day.  So my advice is, wash your hair when you feel it needs it, not according to some “universal” routine.

Best piece of beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night…consistently.  And drink plenty of water throughout the day.  It does wonders for your skin and energy levels.

How do you take care of your hair and skin during times of stress?

Taking a multi-vitamin will help boost immune support and some extra TLC from a hair deep treatment mask or scalp treatment help your hair look healthier and more radiant. Getting regular manicures and keeping your hands moisturized will also help keep your nails in tip top shape during stressful times.

What is your favorite hair product from your line?

Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo is my go-to product.  My hair tends to get very dry in the winter and dull from the sun in the summer without it. It’s a mask I use at least 2 times a week to keep my hair looking its best all year round.

You’re in a rush and can’t shower, how do you salvage your unwashed hair?

A little dry shampoo, comb it forward, then shake it back – gives a somewhat freshly blown-out look.

What is your current go-to hairstyle for an easy day-to-night transformation?

A top-knot bun is a trendy statement style that works great as an office look or for a night out.

Nowadays hardly anyone rocks their natural hair color. Can you give readers advice on how to take care of their color-treated hair?

Color treated hair can be very fragile and prone to breakage. To keep your hair in tip-top shape, I recommend using a weekly deep conditioning mask to help restore hydration and prevent against dryness and breakage.

Best secret weapon to tame inevitable frizz on a hot day?

A good hair oil can help to seal the hair cuticle to lock our environmental frizz.  I recommend using a silicone-free oil as the continued use of silicones on the hair can build up over time, weighing the hair down and causing you to need a harsher shampoo to dissolve the heaviness.

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