& Other Stories Is The Lingerie Brand Challenging The Norm With Their Body Positive Campaign

As a 26-year-old female (I still feel I’m treading that ‘not a girl, not yet a woman territory) who spends a fair amount of time scrolling through the news feeds of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models, sometimes I feel disheartened by the fact that I’m never going to look that hot.  No matter how much I go to the gym, or how much kale I eat, I am not a 5’9 blonde with washboard abs and zero cellulite.  It’s not like I’m crying about this, but the envy is real.

Enter Swedish retailer & Other Stories, whose new ‘For Women, By Women’ campaign is championing the kind of female beuty an diversity found in the real world. 



Shot by female photographer Hedvig Jenning, the images feature models who have scars, body hair, tattoos instead of women with washboard abs, red carpet ready makeup and generally look like they walked out of the dictionary definition for ‘ideal female.’ 

By begging to ask the question, why should our idea of beauty be a homogenized ideal, & Other Stories presents an alternative option: where the women are untouched, diverse, and embracing a femininity  that exists outside of the male gaze. 



While there’s a time and a place for the fantasy suggested by lingerie brands like Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur, & Other Stories shows that there’s also room for a little dose of reality.  Not only is it healthy, but it’s empowering too. 

All photos via & Other Stories.  

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