Body Party: 4 Models That Make Healthy Look Hot!

After the heroin chic trend of the 90’s followed by the fish-eyed, bone thin Russians of the 00’s, a new trend seems to have emerged. That trend is one of health and sex appeal and I for one am a fan. More and more models seems to be rocking the runway with renewed vigor and strength in their bodies. Models are no longer just clothes hangers, they are being seen as personalities themselves. People who can embody the spirit of a design. A model can be thin and still have virile. They don’t have to be on the brink of death to still enchant us with their coltish presence. Here are four models who I feel represent a new healthy version of model beauty.

1. Coco Rocha: A modeling veteran who has spoken out about model rights and model health in the industry. Her modeling style is always kinetic and spirited and she has proved more than once that she has a depth to her that goes beyond her perfect cheekbones and sea blue eyes. After all, she is a contributing editor to a tech magazine!
2. Crystal Renn: One of the most famous plus sized models in the industry and one who has gone public about her past struggles with anorexia when she was just starting out in the industry. Her status as plus sized certainly hasn’t held her back from being a favorite of Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier, neither has it hindered her abilities as she strutted down the Gaultier runway in a sheer floral confection, searing our souls with her black eyed stare. And then there are those brows…
3. Karlie Kloss: Karlie has been the subject of much controversy for her superskinny frame but the fact is that at over 6 feet tall, she is clearly naturally thin. She is healthy, she exercises and eats right and bakes cookies for Feed America. She has a personality and sex appeal. She is a VS Angel after all.
4. Ali Michael: One of my personal favorites, she too has publicly spoken of her struggle with anorexia. She disappeared for a while after going into recovery but she has beauty and talent as a model and after following her on twitter, she has the sort of spunk that is important in a successful model. I hope to see more of her and her sexy, healthy new body out there on the runway soon.

Written by: Amanda Lang

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