Blogger Brandi Chang Dreams Of Pools Filled With Chocolate

Brandi Chang is the girl doing it all, and seeing as the girl doing it all is our fave we chatted with the lovely blogger about what’s going on in her world.

Galore Mag - Brandi Chang

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Tell us about Brandi Chang:
Entertainment and Lifestyle Journalist, Blogger, TV Host. Founder Instagram: @brandichang. I like adventures, watching cartoons, and drinking red wine. In no particular order.

Where are you based?
Chicago transplant, currently residing in Los Angeles.

Favorite city:
I love traveling and exploring, which makes choosing a favorite city extremely difficult. European cities usually top my list though and having spent four months living in Italy, I have to say there’s no place like Rome.

Favorite beach:
There is a quiet hideaway in Malibu that I love so much. It’s off the beaten path (a.k.a the PCH) and it’s my favorite spot to bring out of town guests for a quintessential Malibu beach day.

If you could eat anything forever what would it be?
My mom’s home cooking. You won’t find better pierogis in Poland (trust me, I’ve tried.)

You’re a cat lady, how many cats do you think you could actually have?
Ha! Oh dear. Here’s the thing, I love cats very much. That being said, I’m a monogamist cat lady. Just one at a time, please.

I really value staying active, and spend as much time outdoors as my schedule allows. I enjoy hiking just as much as the next Californian and find yoga essential to my physical and mental well-being. To counteract all that physical activity, I am mad about food and can seriously throw down at the dinner table. I’m an amateur chef, but I take great pride in my small wins in the kitchen.

Ultimate dream:
Good health for myself and my loved ones, a love of my life, and the kind of happiness that provokes spontaneous excitement. I also dream of owning a pool filled with chocolate, but that one seems a bit far-fetched, no?

Whats coming for you?
I would love to expand my blog into a brand. Instead of chasing one particular “dream job,” I’ve set out to create my own dream job. Traveling, writing, meeting new people…that would be a dream come true.

Galore Mag - Brandi Chang

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