Blac Chyna responded to Rob by live streaming herself listening to Cardi B in bed

Yesterday Rob Kardashian took first place in the tour de asshole, after deciding that harassing and posting naked photos of his ex Blac Chyna on social media with degrading captions was an okay thing to do.

In fact, he didn’t just think it was okay. He thought it was “savage” of him. But it sure seems like revenge porn to us, which doesn’t make him savage, just a garbage fire of a human being.

While there are numerous roads to revenge Blac Chyna could have gone down, she chose to lay back and let Cardi B do most of the work for her.

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After Instagram had shut down Rob’s account, but before he’d finished re-posting most of that content on Twitter, Blac Chyna decided enough was enough.

Instead of going on her own rant on social media about how fucked up her ex was, she decided she didn’t want to fight fire with fire.

Or maybe she didn’t decide anything at all. Maybe she was just so over her ex being a hateful drama queen that she didn’t even care enough to get all worked up.

So she laid back in her bed, turned on the Cardi B song “Bodak Yellow,” started an Instagram live, and pointed her camera at the same Versace bedspread that egged Rob on in the first place.

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If you’ve never heard “Bodak Yellow,” its message can be summed up in three quotes: “Honestly don’t give a fuck,” “little bitch, you can’t fuck with me / if you wanted to,” and “If I see you and don’t speak / that means I don’t fuck with you.”

And even if Rob himself was too dense to get the message, any sane person hearing those lyrics knew exactly what Blac Chyna wanted the world to know about what she thought about her ex.

The video itself is pretty non-eventful. It’s mostly just Blac Chyna zooming in on the bedspread and making it dance to the song, although at one point she lets her no pants-wearing leg make a cameo.

But if you want to watch it, just go on Instagram. It’s still there.


And Cardi B was here for Blac Chyna’s move, because just about an hour after Chyna went live, Cardi B tweeted a video of Blac Chyna sipping on tea while listening to “Bodak Yellow,” with the caption, “Mood forevaaa ;Blachyna .Bad bitches love BODAKYELLOW!”

Let this be a lesson to you all about what the best way to get back at your assholes exes is.

[H/T Perez Hilton]

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