Blac Chyna Hates Carbs, Not Kris Jenner

Marketing genius Blac Chyna came under fire for apparently taking issue with Kris Jenner’s shopping skills yesterday in a Snapchat video. But today, she’s cleared the air: she doesn’t hate Kris, she hates carbs!

In the video, Chyna was touring Rob’s kitchen with her iPhone and berating all of the tan and beige foods she encounters. She gives Rob shit for stocking sorbet, quinoa, oatmeal, and more.

At first, TMZ reported that Chyna was taking issue with Kris Jenner’s grocery shopping skills with the subtle headline, “BLAC CHYNA ATTACKS KRIS JENNER.” The story seemed fishy from the jump — quinoa is pretty dope and I’m pretty sure Kris a small army of assistants to choose from when it comes to grocery shopping.

But today, TMZ cleared it all up with a follow-up post clarifying that Chyna’s stance is purely anti-carb, not anti-Kris:

“Sources close to Rob and Chyna tell us they have a strict no carb rule which has been instrumental in helping Rob shed lbs. We’re told Chyna was just busting on the carb-filled selections in the cabinet — and has zero beef with Rob’s mom.”

Okay, that makes more sense. We hate carbs too, Chy. But leave quinoa and Irish oatmeal alone.

Watch the full video below.

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