Bite Me: 6 Iconic Celeb Styles That Everybody And Their Mama Bites!

It is inevitable in today’s world that if you are doing something, it has already been done at least once before you. Today’s designers prove everyday that there is no such thing as true originality. When two celebrities wear the same outfit to an award show or when a supermodel gets a haircut that is then copied by all of young Hollywood (thanks Karlie) its an endless style war. We are never surprised anymore because having a unique style is near impossible these days (even Gaga’s controversial apparel has become expected), which, in large part, is because most inspiration nowadays is taken from celebs of the past. So here are the six celebrities whose styles are still bitten today.

1. Angelina Jolie: If I have to hear one more time that Megan Fox is the new Angelina Jolie, I am going to drop kick someone, Lara Croft style. Megan Fox certainly tries hard enough, with her cat eye makeup and slitted gowns but honestly, not Mila with her Jolie style corset dresses, nor Zoe Saldana with her jewel collared Oscar gowns can come close to the original sex goddess.

2. Madonna: The most obvious copy cat to cite would be Gaga. It is still uncertain whether Gaga’s imitation of the Mage is meant to pay tribute or if she simply believes that her audience is being fooled into thinking she is truly original but nonetheless, Gaga’s sexy body suits and braided hairstyles have been worn before by the original Queen of pop. Lady Gaga isn’t alone in taking direct inspiration from Madonna, Britney with her precociously sexy style and Miley with her turbans and crops are followers of Madonna’s fashion confections as well.

lady gaga - madonna wanna
3. Twiggy: Taylor Swift does her best, and admittedly she does have the body, but Swift does not succeed in looking sexy in her shift dresses the way that Leslie Hornby did. Zooey Deschanel does an even worse job as she does not even have the figure for it. If you are going to copy a style icon, you must first ask yourself whether the look suits your figure or not.

4. Kate Moss: I loved Abbey Lee Kershaw’s Met Gala dress. She was the only attendee who actually LOOKED punk at that event. However, unfortunately Kate Moss wore a very similar dress about 20 years earlier at a model event for Elite. And then of course there is Jennifer Lawrence’s sheer dress at the HIunger Games premier which bites both Abby and Kate ( I love Jennifer Lawrence, so please do not misread). All I am saying, is that… Kate did it first guys.

5. Marilyn Monroe: From Lindsay to Paris, there is hardly a celebrity out there who hasn’t taken a page from Marilyn for some sort of event outfit. And who can blame them really? When you want to look like a bombshell, Marilyn is the first name to come to mind.

6. Audrey Hepburn: Lily Collins wants to be her, Jessica Pare dresses like her. And now Jennifer Lawrence even has her haircut. I can’t lie, I copy her style too! In fact, from Kate to Angie, from Twiggy to Audrey, I am an unahsmaed copy cat when it comes to these ladies.

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