Birthday Suit: 5 Fav Nude Editorials That’ll Have You Skipping X Mas Dinner This Year

The naked human body has been inspiring great works of art since the day of the ancient Egyptians and before. Aphrodite ascending from the waves has simoly been replaced with Candice Swanepoel frolicking on the beach in a barely there bikini. Playboy is essentially the new Boticelli. Nudity in our puritanical society is often defamed for being lude or pornographic. My question is, what is pornography but a celebration of sexuality, the very thing that continues our population and brings a simple, natural pleasure to human beings of both genders? If the human body is lude, good luck to you avoiding mirrors for the rest of your life. Nude photography can be some of the most beautiful, artistic works out there. Here are the top 5 greatest nude editorial photoshoots ever!

1. Karlie Kloss for Italian Vogue: The controversial photoshoot brought on a rush of mixed publicity for the young supermodel. Cries of anorexia and child pornography ran rampant over the internet highway but nothing can change the fact that the pictures were lovely. And the truth was, the editorial was nothing but a celebration of the 21 year old’s adult physique. She looked strong and virulent. Hardly an eating disordered child’s body.
2. Keira Knightley and Scarlet Johansen for Vanity Fair: Rachel McAdams opted out of this one citing discomfort with a publicly nude photograph of herself. A shame, because the mix of Keira’s milky skin and Scarlet’s natural curves made for a sexy and glamorous photograph.
3. Kate Moss for the Love Magazine: Can you think of anything more alluring than a naked Kate soaking a fizzy blue tub? Before her streamy playboy cover, Kate was already showing off that toned body in an even more artistic publication. Now you have yet another reason to salivate over her.
4. Miley Cyrus for Terry Richardson: Miley has a hot bod and a naturally retro punk look which is just perfect for Terry’s style. And let’s face it, she looks really great naked. The photographs had a cool eighties vibe to them and showcased both Miley and Terry’s unique styles wonderfully.
5. Candice Swanepoel for V Man: Candice has one of the most perfect bodies in the industry. The photograph proves that she does not need those fabulous Victoria’s Secret push up bras to have the body of an angel.

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