This company wants to sell you razors at dude prices (a.k.a. cheap)

Ever notice how when you buy a razor, it’s almost exactly the same as the ones in the men’s section but it costs a little more?

That’s known as the “pink tax,” and it doesn’t exist for any real reason other than the fact that women will pay it. But a new startup, Billie, is trying to do away with it.

The “pink tax” is basically gendered pricing. So, in any drugstore, your razors are 13% more than your boyfriend’s just because they’re pink.

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That’s why Billie is such a blessing. The brand’s goal with this unique subscription service (think Birchbox) is to show that products shouldn’t have higher prices just because they are marketed towards womxn, and to preach that no one should tell womxn where or why they should shave.

Their products won’t break the bank either. Billie’s products are a lot cheaper than what most drugstores sell, and the subscription is the same price (or even lower!) than similar services geared towards men, such as Dollar Shave Club.

To celebrate the launch, Billie will “reimburse” you for all the years spent over-paying for pink razors.  With the Pink Tax Rebate, you can earn credit on the site by sharing a referral code with friends (kinda like the one Uber gives you), and for every 5, 10, or 20 friends that click through to join the Pink Tax Rebate, Billie will give you a $5, $10, or $20 credit to use.

“The idea that women should pay more than men for products is absurd and offensive. I’ll bet that it wasn’t a woman who came up with idea for the ‘pink tax.’ We’re combating the ‘pink tax’ because it needs to be done,” said Billie’s co-founder, Georgina Cooley.

Georgina Cooley

The brand also has vegan body products that are free of toxins, parabens, and sulfates, so even someone with insanely sensitive skin can use them.

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Georgina expressed that the brand’s razors were specially designed for the way women shave. Specifically, the handle is perfect for maintaining a steady grip while trying to keep your balance shaving your legs in the shower.

“Its putting women first in a category where they’ve always been an afterthought. Most shaving companies have been created for men,” she said.

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Georgina said that she hopes the impending success of Billie will inspire the start up of similar pink-tax challenging business models.

“We want to raise awareness of the sexist ‘pink tax’ and encourage customers to buy products from companies that are fair to women,” she said.

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