Bill Cosby Will Use Racism As A Defense Trial Tactic

In a new development in the unending trials of Bill Cosby, his PR team intends to assert that the 36 women who have come forward against him are attacking him, not because he is a sexual predator, but because he is black. Jezebel states that in this last-ditch effort to save Cosby’s image, his attorney will be using words such as ‘lynching,’ and ‘persecution’ to ingrain the idea that these accusations are purely based in racism and not fact. Due to the fact that Cosby’s victims are predominantly white, and these attacks took place in the ’60s and ’70s, this ‘witch hunt’ 40 years later might have nothing to do with harassment against them. Cosby’s [attorney] is claiming this is actually racist harassment against the sitcom star; a scapegoat for their accusations. However, this argument does not have much ground to stand on, considering that not all of Cosby’s accusers are white. Beverly Johnson and Jewel Allison, have no use for a so-called ‘witch hunt’ against a black man, especially considering that Allison did not come forward specifically because she did not want another ‘African-American man vilified in the media.’

Cosby’s case has seen 36 women come forward since 2002, accusing him of drugging them and sexually assaulting them. The New York Times states that in a 2005 deposition that came to light, Bill Cosby even admitted to using quaaludes to drug women and to have sex with them. Although there is currently not enough evidence to convict Cosby, he could still face serious criminal charges and is in fact currently facing one civil case and two defamation cases. Regardless of what he faces in trial, his lawyers and PR team will use the current war raging against African-American men and women to excuse Cosby of his crimes.

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