Bikini Model Luisa de Freitas’ Tips For Your Best Beach Bod

Spring Break is right around the corner, so we checked in with Victoria’s Secret worthy bikini model Luisa de Freitas to steal some of her best tips and tricks for your best bikini bod. Born in Venezuela, tropical babe Luisa has lived in Mexico and is currently based in Miami, so she is no stranger to bikini weather.

What is in your beach bag?

Usually I carry with me a bottle of water, sunglasses, a good towel, sun cream and of course some peanuts!

 Can you name three things you put on your face every day?

Hydrating lotion, sunscreen, and thermal water. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

What are some good foods to eat for beautiful skin?

Carrots are great food because they have a lot of vitamins who help us to keep a healthy skin and to get an amazing tan. Cranberries have excellent antioxidants that help my skin look amazing. I really love avocado, and since I lived in Mexico I’ve eaten it everyday. It has the oil that our body needs for beautiful skin and hair and it is delicious.

 What’s one beauty rule you live by that your mom taught you?

Clean and hydrate your face very well before go to sleep. It’s my ritual each night.

When you need to tone up and de bloat quickly, what are some of your tips and tricks?

There isn’t really an easy or fast way to do it. I workout daily, eat healthy, drink a lot of water, that is the best way to achieve your goals. You need to have patience in the process.

 How many days a week do you work out?

For me exercise is something that I really enjoy since I was a child, so I try to work out everyday, it is just natural to me and it’s a part of my life.

What is your favorite workout?

It all depends in the weather and my mood, but I cannot live without doing yoga, swimming and riding my bicycle. I try to switch it up. Each one is so different.

Describe your perfect day.

Right after I wake up I would go jogging with my dogs, arrive home and do yoga, take my breakfast, then take a long bath, go to the beach, take my lunch, sleep for a little bit, and then go to the theater or watch a movie at home with my boyfriend.  

When do you feel the sexiest?

I feel sexy when I am happy with myself and I feel confidence  and comfortable with what I’m wearing. Feeling sexy is a choice I make everyday and I think people perceive that. You don’t need the perfect body to be sexy.

Tell us about your favorite bikini line!

I don’t have just one favorite brand, but my top brands usually end up being Rip Curl, Roxy, Volcom, and Montse swimwear. The reason I love them is because they feel great on me, they look great and  their lines are very simple, usually they are unicolor but you can mix them and match the pieces. And  of course I believe they are beautiful.

Can you give us some advice of how to feel comfortable in a swimsuit?

Of course! First of all we have to understand that each body is completely different and beautiful in the way that it is, and we have to love our bodies because they are our best tool to live our life plentifully. 

It all starts with this, and once we love ourselves according with our body type there are many kind of swimsuits, we just have to look for a swimsuit which fits perfectly and lets us move freely without anything coming out!

What’s your favorite indulgence?

I love dark chocolate and every kind of nut, and of course they are good food-but in small portions, and sometimes it’s pretty hard for me to restrain myself.

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