Here’s What Mamma Big Sean Thinks Of Lil Ariana


It seems that Ariana Grande got the ultimate seal of approval from Big Sean‘s mother! A parent’s opinion can make or break a relationship, especially when it comes to a mamma’s boy like Big Sean. She first revealed to TMZ that she loves to vacation with her boy, and he’s taken her to Australia, Africa, and Abu Dhabi. Awww, how sweet! We love the woman because she randomly dropped that her and Sean were hanging out with Ariana just last night. Sean looked bashful as his mommy dearest simply said, “she’s fabulous”. It warms our hearts when a guy loves and appreciates both the woman who raised him AND his boo thang. When it comes to a hottie like Big Sean, his respect for his mother just amplified our crush even more (ps: it wasn’t small in the first place!). Too bad he’s taken, but him and Ariana might be cute enough to make up for our jealousy.

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