Beyond Brownies, Here’s How To Celebrate 4/20


Ah, it’s 4/20. A sort of national holiday dedicated to getting high, whose origins have been debated for some time now. Back in high school when 4/20 was more of a “thing” amongst my peers than it is now as an adult in New York City, I had heard everything from 4/20 was the date so and so died (insert any prominent celebrity who smokes weed here) to 420 was the number of chemical compounds in marijuana (quite wrong!). But it seems that most of the internet (and wikipedia) have now come to an agreement, that the origins of 4/20 can be traced to a pack of high school students in the 1970s who liked to smoke weed at 4:20 after school. Sounds about right.

At any rate, origins of the phrase and holiday aside, if you’re trying to step your weed game up in celebration of 4/20, you can alway opt for some of these bizarre edibles. Ever since marijuana has been selectively legalized in the states of Colorado and Washington, it seems people have gotten truly inventive with the amount of food products to add canna butter to. Why stop at weed brownies when there are so many other delicious, if not, ridiculous things you can add the power of marijuana to?

What are these magical weed edibles you may be asking?

1. Weed Hot Cheetos


This seems like a very terrible cyclical high that could happen. You eat the weed cheetos, then you get the munchies, then you eat the weed cheetos again, get more high, and get hungrier. At any rate, apparently Weed Hot Cheetos exist. If everyone began consuming these, the world just might end.

2. Marijuana Macarons


Just in case brownies are a little too low brow for your taste, you can now purchase marijuana infused macarons from a vendor known as Madame Munchie. Yes, seriously.

3. Gelato


Yes. Weed gelato. I repeat. Weed. Gelato. As if you needed more of an excuse to eat a pint of ice cream. With flavors like cookies n’ cream and salted caramel. Why get high by smoking when you can get high via delicious ice cream?

4. Teriyaki Sauce, Siracha, and Salad Dressing


Yeah…that’s right. Just in case you’re trying to make your summer time BBQs a little more fun you can head on over to the folks at Yummi Karma and get your hands on this “medicinal” product. They carry a full line of sauces and dressings infused with cannibis so you can now officially get high through consuming literally anything. Yes even salad– as long as you’re topping it with Yummi Karma’s Asian Sesame Dressing.

5.Coffee and Tea


The idea of weed coffee and tea actually has me feeling dizzy right now. Having never mixed the two substances myself, I am not sure what the effect of caffeine and THC is, but you can try it out for yourself if you’re ever in Colorado by hitting up The Mad Hatter Tea and Coffee Company. They also make cannibis infused virgin cocktails. Yes, you read that right– cocktails that have no alcohol but have been infused with cannibis so you can get high while you drink instead of drunk. Is your mind broken yet?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state where these products are legal, you’re probably having a 4/20 that is a lot more fun than the rest of us. Meanwhile, I guess everyone in New York will have to settle for weed brownies– or take to the kitchens ourselves to invent our own formulas for these products. Or you know, you could always go the traditional route and just smoke a bowl. Happy 4/20, everyone!

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