Beyoncé Wanted Us To Enjoy Our Weekend, So She Dropped A New Track

In the past couple of months, Beyoncé has again been taking some time to live her life. Yes, she’s headlined the occasional festival, teased the wonders of Vegan living, covered Vogue‘s legendary September issue, and tested our limits of loyalty with a questionable brand of flash tattoos, but mostly Beyoncé has just been taking vacations and wearing adorable matching outfits with Blue Ivy.

But today Beyoncé decided she wanted to do something different. Today she decided to give us all a little something special for being such good sports about the fact that summer is almost over. Today she decided to release her first new track in almost a year.

For the past week, UK producer Naughty Boy, most famous for being BFF with Zayn Malik while he was first making his transition out of boy band life, has been teasing “Runnin‘ (Lose It All)” featuring some guy we’ve never heard of called Arrow Benjamin and our dear Queen Bey.

The song itself is a fairly straight forward dancy, power-ballad duet that hinges on our willingness to be swept away by the power of Beyoncé’s voice.  Without her, the track is just one of those songs that comes on the radio that’s pleasant enough so you won’t turn it off if it’s on, but you’d never think to put it on yourself.

Still, Beyoncé is a miracle worker. While we wish she would have picked a worthier track to bestow her voice to, it’s impossible not to get wrapped up in the drama of the moment when she intones, “”These four lonely walls have changed the way I feel/ The way I feel/ I’m standing still/ And nothing else matters now, you are not here/ So where are you?/ I’ve been calling you/ I’m missing you.”

We’ve been missing you too, Beyoncé. Welcome back.

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