Beyonce Reveals Her Pizza Topping Selection, And It’s Saucey

“I’ve never achieved any success without a little taste of fear in my mouth,” Beyonce revealed in an interview with BEAT magazine. And given the amount of world domination Beyonce has achieved, she must taste fear a lot, so often that she literally puts it on her pizza. So what’s her go to topping selection? Bey mentioned in the same interview that her favorite pizza toppings are extra tomato sauce and jalapeños. 

We’re just wondering like, does Bey force Jay-Z and Blue Ivy to eat the same pizza she gets, or does she have mercy and let them go halfsies and get pepperoni on their portion? Back in 2013, Yonce exercised her wifely powers over Jay-Z by forcing him into 22 days of eating completely plant-based food, which he called “a spiritual and physical cleanse.” So, we’re guessing she chooses the pizza and Jay, well, he eats it.

If you think eating Beyonce’s favorite pizza will let you achieve the same success-through-fear that she has gotten, you’ll need to revise your diet plan and hop on the 22-day clean eating plan that she created at the beginning of the year instead. It’s a take off on the same one she and Jay-Z embarked on in 2013. The plan offers a 3 meal per day, month long course of 100% organic, soy-free, vegan meals, that “a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat with limited salt and sugar,” according to the plan’s website. It’s nearly $700 worth of food and most likely doesn’t taste like pizza, so we’d advocate success through um…not dieting.

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