Beyoncé Just Got Her Own Copycat Superhero

Beyoncé is just sprinkling her fairy dust all over every industry. And this time Queen B managed to spread her essence over into the world of Marvel.

Marvel recently released the second cover for its newly created comic series America by Joe Quinones, and the cover features the series’s hero, America Chavez, in a “Formation”-inspired outfit alongside teammates Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau. Instead of Beyoncé’s all black look, Marvel opted for similar look decked out in stars and stripes with a gold American bald eagle on to top it off.

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Now, you might think: why do I care if some comic book featured a Beyoncé fit? It’s just a comic, big deal.

Well, let me tell you why because not only did the goddess herself inspire a pretty epic cover, but it’s part of a comic series that represents girl power to the fullest in the realest way. The star of the series, America Chavez, is the second to ever become Miss America, but that’s not the most amazing part.

She also a teenage queer Latina who is kicking ass saving the world from aliens while still making time for her personal life and attend classes by traveling through dimensions. As time goes on, more and more industries are bringing the LGBTQ community to the forefront and making it, what it should’ve been a long time ago, the norm.

Comic book reader or not, this is something to support because it doesn’t get any better than seeing a girl in a power position.

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