Dating A Southern Girl vs. A New York Girl

The North and South have their differences and a major one is definitely the types of girls they raise. Which got me thinking about the differences between Southern girls and New York girls. And although there are many contrasts and I probably won’t get to name them all, I did come up with a few that stick out.


1. Southern Girls Wear Every Color Of The Rainbow/NY Girls Only Wear Black

New York girls run from color like a cat runs from water. They have a modern day Wednesday Adams look to them. Because let’s face it, the paler, skinnier, taller, and more black you wear- the cooler you are. But if you show up in the south wearing all black, people will only assume you’re about to attend a funeral, rob a bank, or start a seance.


2. Southern Girls Have Big Hearts/NY Girls Are Heartless

Relationships are huge in the South. The kind of relationship where they block up your news feed with pictures of them tailgating, going skiing, eating tacos together, cow tipping, etc. New York girls don’t have time for love. In fact, they probably have more one night stands than the men in the NYC.

3. Southern Girls Focus On Families/NY Girls Focus On Work

Girls in New York want to make money and girls in the South want to make babies. I don’t think it gets anymore clearer than that.


4. Southern Girls Have Manners/NY Girls Have Attitude

A girl from the South will always be kinder, sweeter, and perhaps a little naive. Which is nothing at all like the girl from NY who will yell at the construction workers who try to hit on her, flick off the doorman at a club, and call out her hook up buddy for sleeping with her sister.

5. Southern Girls Eat Anything/NY Girls Only Eat Sushi

From BBQ to Mexican to burgers, your tummy will never be hungry in the South. But there is only one food of choice for the girl in NYC: sushi. It’s Instagram friendly, waistline friendly, and you can find it on almost every block.


 6. Southern Girls Have Curves/NY Girls Have No Curves

Being around a crap ton of models in the city has it’s perks and downfalls. One perk is that they’re really f***ing hot to look at. One downfall is that you’re not really f***ing hot to look at next to them. Which leads to the NYC girl doing everything she can to make sure her thighs don’t touch, her collar bone sticks out, and her jaw line is strong. Southern girls usually keep their figures and curves because being overly skinny just means you haven’t been fed properly. Aka you probably don’t have a grandmother.

Obviously the list of contrasts go on and on, but I think you get the point. And I hope you make the right decision before jumping into a relationship with either one of these girls. But if you’re lucky enough to get a girl who’s a little bit of both, you should definitely hold on to her.


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