Beyonce Hates Your Etsy Ceramics


In the latest of 2015 drama, Beyonce hates Etsy! Yikes. It seems as though Queen Bey is not a fan of puns, especially if it has to do with her. There has been a fad of fake Beyonce inspired clothing selling in retailers around the globe, but for some reason these handmade Etsy mugs plastered with “Feyonce” are more insulting than the rest of the well, shitty fake merch. Her lawyers sent Etsy a letter and they quickly removed SOME of the items. If you are really into fake celebrity mugs, I’d hurry and try to get one while you still can. Either Bey is taking her Jay Z anger out on some innocent house wife who enjoys hand painting ceramics in her garage, or she’s just really bored. My prediction: She’s about to go on another world tour titled “Feyonce.” Either way, this is hilarious and Beyonce is just too rich to justify caring about it.

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