Beyoncés Favorite Designer Is Quitting His Job

Yesterday, Beyoncé made history, but today her world has come crashing down around her pregnant belly.

Her favorite fashion designer just confirmed he was turning his back on the iconic fashion house that made him a household name among households that read Vogue.

Riccardo Tisci has left the Givenchy building, everybody.

How could he do that to B?

She gave him everything she had.

She name dropped his brand in one of the best songs of last year.

She wore that bedazzled trojan dress he picked out for her and smiled like she didn’t think it was tackier than a Tina Lawson Destiny’s Child original.

And she even ignored the fact he designed a wedding dress for her sworn enemy Kim Kardashian.

But alas. It wasn’t enough.

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In a statement Tisci thanked Givenchy for “giving me the platform to express my creativity over the years,” before admitting it was time “to focus on my personal interests and passions.”

Can you believe he didn’t even finish the sentence by saying, “which include continuing to dress Beyoncé Knowles Carter for as long as she reigns supreme being of the universe.”


Oh well, to quote Queen Beyoncé herself, “boy, bye!”

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[H/T Business of Fashion]

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