Beyoncé & Coldplay’s Super Bowl Song Sounds Exactly How You Thought it Would

Rumors have been flying that Beyoncé will appear during Coldplay’s Super Bowl performance. Today, a new collaboration from both was released, pretty much guaranteeing that Bey will indeed be popping up at halftime two Sundays from now to liven things up, thank god.

The song is called “Hymn for the Weekend,” and it pretty much sounds exactly how you thought it would: like an illuminati initiation theme song tailor made to put you to sleep.

While “Hymn for the Weekend” is swelling, operatic, catchy, and technically good, it’s also bland and sexless in that uniquely Coldplay way. The song has an epic vibe, but also fails to make you feel feelings and contains cringeworthy lyrics about “angels up above” and “letting the stars come out.”

But it’s still inoffensive and aesthetically pleasing. Translation: it’s going to be absolutely effing everywhere for the foreseeable future. You won’t be able to walk into a CVS or Duane Reade without hearing this puppy. Get ready! Have your first listen below. And then pray that 2016 brings us some proper Beyoncé bangers soon.

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