[Listen] To 50 Shades Of Beyonce Leaked Remixes


50 Shades Of Grey is already exciting many a single lady. Not only do we get to justify a V-Day spent in sweat pants with our bestie, but we get to stare at a man much hotter than the many we see out on the streets. Basically, 50 Shades feels like the holy grail of Valentine’s Day plans and it just got even hotter. How? Well, the no longer “Single Lady” Beyonce hinted at a contribution to the 50 Shades soundtrack over the Summer and she wasn’t lying! The Boots remix of “Crazy In Love” leaked along with Michael Diamond’s remix of “Haunted”. Conclusion: They are both really f***ing good.

The week before the holiday of love calls for wacky emotions experienced while completely inebriated. These tunes alongside a bottle of wine make for the perfect sad girl prescription. If you’re responsibly sober, at least you can get it twisted with emotional Bey. Holy shit, February 14th is right around the corner. May all your friends be single.


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