Better Than Naked: 4 Steps To Buying The Perfect Lingerie

Tis the season where men all of over the world will be frantically scoping the shopping malls for the perfect gift for that special someone. He will want it to be sexy, romantic and aesthetically pleasing. He will choose lingerie. Men tend to be pathetically terrified by lingerie shopping and rightly so. They don’t know anything about it other than how to take it off ( in fact, most of the time they don’t even know how to do this right). So, for those helpless men out there doing some last minute girlfriend shopping, here is a four step tutorial on how to buy the ultimate bra and panty for you gal.

1. Know Her Size: This is so important because if you buy the wrong size, whether it be too big or too small, it is bound to insult her more than you are prepared for. Don’t guess. You don’t have boobs and you don’t know what a B cup looks like. If you are feeling your secret agent skills, feel free to rifle through her panty drawer for the info. However, this could end embarrassingly if you are caught so my advice is to suck it up. Ask her. It may ruin the surprise but it’s better than showing up with a pair of D cups when your girl only has A’s (trust me, it’s happened before).
2. Make Sure it’s Comfortable: Some of the sexiest bras in the world can feel like vices on the chest. And if your baby is in pain in that oh so sensitive area of her body, she is not going to be in the mood. It may take some time but there is such a thing as a bra that is both sexy and wearable. Ask the sales woman. Interview your girlfriend. You want her to feel like a tiger after all, not like she has two baby tigers biting her tits.
3. Know What You Like: In my experience, girls feel even sexier when they know that their guy thinks that they look sexy too. When your girl models the lingerie in front of you, make sure that that jaw drop of yours is real. In this case, you have a pretty good amount of control over whether that will happen or not. Buy what you want to see her in.
4. Know What SHE Likes: Just as important as if you think the underwear is sexy, is if SHE thinks the underwear is sexy. You want her to feel like a goddess when she wears it. Nothing gets a girl more in the mood than underwear that she feels like a Victoria’s Secret model wearing. A girl who thinks she is the sexiest thing out there, will undoubtedly BE the sexiest thing out there. Happy hunting.
Written By:Amanda Lang

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