Betsey Johnson is “Back!!!” to “Doing The Dress Thing”




Ladies, you’re in for a treat! The iconic designer/original wild child, Betsey Johnson, just debuted her new line of dresses for SS’13. And they’re cah-uuuuuute! And don’t even get us started on those sunnies and that poodle and his or her penchant for pastel hair dyes.

In Betsey’s own awesome words: “I’m back!!! Doing my dress thing. Pretty and punk, sweet and sexy, always rock n’ roll.” Yes, please.

Check out the dresses below, which retail between $99 and $249 and will be found at boutiques, top department stores and on Whacha waiting for, kittens?!


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Oh, and we remain obsessed with this video taken during Betsey’s FW’13 show in which you’ll see the designer doing a cartwheel into a split!!



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